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Biteable BtVS and AtS Icon Challenge
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about Welcome to Biteable Icon challenge. If you hadn't guessed we're a BTVS/ATS fandom icon challenge. Every Sunday night/Monday morning a screen cap or image will be posted and the challenge is to create the best icon you can using only the image or screen cap provided. You can do what you like to it as long as you do not add any other pictures to it, with the exception of textures.

rules You have to use the images provided only. You can enter two entries per person per week unless otherwise stated. All entries must be posted as a reply to the challenge post along with the url of the icon. Do not post your icons anywhere else until the voting has gone up. Entries can be posted sunday to friday and the voting period is friday pm till sunday night/monday morning GMT. The winners will be announced sunday night/monday morning along with the next challenge.

just__buffy angel_stillness icon_tutorial jossicontest joss_chorus icbuffy josschallenge jossverseawards abc_icons purr_pleh i_heart_joss isayweparty icon_crack chosenhellmouth smg_lims eliteblondes thesatanpit btvs_lims gossipgirlelite r0ute666 himym_elite


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